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Zest Supply - Home Hardware Commercial Maintenance

Zest Supply - Home Hardware Commercial Maintenance

Zest Supply - powered by the locally owned and operated Wharncliffe Home Hardware - is the new kid on the block!

We have delved in and started the Commercial Maintenance Supply Division. We supply businesses with all of your supply needs, from paper towel and toilet paper, to soaps and sanitizers, lightbulbs and cleaning agents, floor cleaners and scrubbers, as well as thousands of other products. There are over 60,000 products on the Commercial Maintenance side alone, as well as the over 100,000 products Home Hardware has access to at our warehouse.

We, along with every other Home Hardware across the nation are locally owned and operated. We do have the luxury of national buying power through our head office, which boasts 1.3 million square feet of warehouse space - so we are able to have competitive pricing.

Any of our products that are branded with “Home” or “Professional” are Home Hardware’s own line. They are made specifically for us, and made right here in Fergus or Burford, ON. They are tested with the highest quality standards and our products are tested against the industry leaders – our product has to exceed whatever their standards are.

Our Commercial Maintenance Program is a cost-effective solution, cutting down your bottom dollar. Our program offers a complimentary delivery service – no minimum ordering requirements – either quantity or dollar amounts. We also can manage your inventory levels for you, if you choose. Space is always a premium so we can stock some of your inventory for you here at our warehouse in the store and bring it by as needed. We offer delivery daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or an as need basis – whatever suits the needs of your company.

We promise to save you time and money. Our team is quick and efficient – as are our products. Instead of getting your mops, brooms, buckets from one company, paper products from another, and chemicals from another company, we offer it all. Fluorescent light bulbs, contractor grade paint, industrial strength batteries, and ladders are some more products we offer out of our 60,000 plus items.

We also carry 2 eco-friendly product lines. Both are still commercial and industrial grade but are safer on the environment. Our Eco-Friendly Professional line products are all biodegradable, non-caustic, non-toxic and fragrance, dye, phosphate, butyl and ammonia free.

We also offer free consultations - our supply program is meant to do more than just supply you with your basic needs. Yes, our prices are great and we do carry similar products to our competitors - but what we are here to do is use our expertise and create a solution that fits your business - and saves you time, effort and money. 

An added bonus is supporting our local economy. The store is locally owned and operated, and a good portion of our products are made and manufactured right here in Ontario.

If you use something now that isn't listed - we are a phone call, email or text away. Our network of suppliers is large and diverse. We can get answers - and fast - for almost any type of product you need.

Please feel free to contact us any time with any questions.

We are here to be the face you recognize - not just another name!

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