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Superstar Investment Corporation

Superstar Investment Corporation

Serving your financial needs in the 21st Century - We can help to protect your wealth.
Superstar Investment Corp. was established by Mr. Azam Abu-Saud in London, Ontario Canada to provide qualified clients with access to quality, independent financial professional advice on how to invest their financial resources for their economic well being. Initially the company’s primary product was mutual funds. Since then it has developed to its present role of providing a unique combination of financial products and services to our clients, in Canada and abroad.

At Superstar Investment Corp, we have the expertise and experience to provide our clients with tax strategies to minimize their personal income tax liabilities. Though our access in the investment world we are able to make these strategies available to our clients. Through our associated business, GAT General Accounting & Taxes, clients have access to an efficient service for the preparation and filing of personal income tax returns.

Investments and income tax are interrelated. You want to ensure that you are obtaining the best return while paying the least amount of taxes. Through our knowledge of investing and taxes we can ensure that our clients pay the least amount of taxes by using the tax rules to their advantage. You should have the use of your money instead of the government .

Tax planning is an ongoing process rather than a once a year process. Let us help in this process.


Investment Accounts That You Can Open 
• Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) 
• Registered Educational Savings Plans (RESP) 
• Spousal Retirement Saving Plans (SPRSP) 
• Registered Retired Income Fund (RRIF) 
• Locked In Retirement Accounts (LIRA) 
• In Trust For Accounts for Minors (ITF) 
• Individual Open Investment Accounts 
• Institutional Account - Corporate 
• Joint Investment Accounts Group RRSP’s


• Health Insurance 
• Expatriate Health Insurance 
• Travel Insurance 


In today’s fast changing world, attempting to stay on top of all the changes is difficult. Government cutbacks in financial support systems, corporate downsizing, and economic uncertainty are forcing people to look after their own financial future. People are finding that increasingly, expert assistance is necessary to help them make sense of and cope with these changes. As well, as suggesting areas where they can invest their financial resources so that financial security can be assured. This is where financial advisors are able to step in and offer assistance.

A Financial Planner is able to review your current financial situation, look at your available resources, and help to determine your goals and objectives. From the information collected and analyzed the planner will be able to develop the appropriate financial plan that suits your investment goals and objectives while satisfying current financial conditions. A broad overall picture of a clients’ position is critical to the success of a financial plan.


Estate planning is an important element of both the income tax planning and financial planning process. As planning decisions have an impact in either element; We can review investment goals and objectives both to increase your income and wealth and analyze what effect purposed changes will have on your estate and the amount of tax that will become due. We can suggest ways clients can reduce the effect of taxes on your estate, maximizing the amount available to the estates beneficiaries. Various investment strategies are available to investors to compensate for taxes that estates will face. By using the appropriate investment plans that are available today to counteract the effect of taxes when someone passes away. Let us help you and your family to see the broad overall picture of investing and create an investment plan that takes advantage of all of the investment opportunities that exist. 

Probate is the legal proof that a will is correct and the executor has the legal right to administer an estate. Probate can be expensive as the governments have over time increased their charges for probating a will. There are different investment options available to help reduce the amount of probate fees charged and whether a will may need to be probated.

*Family Law and Estate Planning with your ADVISOR
*Incapacity and Planning Ahead with your ADVISOR
*Death and Taxes with your ADVISOR
*Executors Role  


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