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Rouse Roofing Inc.

Rouse Roofing Inc.

Rouse Roofing began operations in May of 1986 ,incorporating in 1998. Through our pledge to quality we have become a leader in our field. We will never sub contract your home out. All workers are employees and paid hourly. Paying our employees hourly is your insurance that quality over quantity is practiced. Our staff is courteous, friendly and leaders in the roofing field. We know that your roof is a major part of your building envelope. The roof on your house protects you, your family and your assets. That is why it is important to have an experienced, qualified, dedicated and caring roofing company like Rouse Roofing installing it. Our pride will make you glad that you decided to ” Put Rouse on Your House”.

When it comes to pride in roofing we are second to none. I care about quality so much that we won’t install roofs in cold weather or rainy days . This is your house, you own it and you maintain it. We come in for a day or two and we need to respect that you are counting on us. I can’t say this enough. I am sick and tired of seeing companies installing roofs in less then ideal conditions. Most customers don’t realize the damage that they are doing because it might take years to show up.

Rouse Roofing offers top quality products with expert installations. Residential re-roofing has always been our specialty. This includes every aspect of your roof from custom flashing’s, skylights, attic ventilation, ice damming, snow removal plus much more. We are one of a select few to offer IKO’s ShieldPro Program. This gives you longer warranties with labour, tearoff and disposal costs included. As stated before these warranties sound good but expert installation is far more important. A cheap price and quality workmanship usually don’t go together. The price that is to “good to be true ” usually ends up being “to good to be true”.

We know that every house is different and therefore require different skills and knowledge to complete. We don’t sub contract our work out so you get the same great quality day after day. Consistency is what is missing in today’s renovation market. To have consistency you need to have control over the work being performed. To do this we have put a system in place that every employee follows. Because they are paid hourly they do not have the tendency to rush a job, and following the system is second nature to them. This allows us to provide the customer the same great quality that they have come to expect from us. We have found that over the years that staying within a manageable size has become our greatest asset. We concentrate all of our efforts in providing the best for each customer. 

You can visit us at or call us at 519-637-6932





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