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Mr.Eman Magic

Mr.Eman Magic

Not just for kids birthday parties anymore!
A magician has become a classy addition to any formal event. 
Not only is it a unique and truly memorable experience for your guests, it also helps the event run smoother.Every wedding will inevitably have lull moments where nothing is happening to a large portion of the guests.

A prime example is during the wedding photos; the bride and groom are whisked away by the photographers having their fun, while the guests just wait in boredom. I've personally heard horror stories about these particular moments and is one of the reasons i got into entertaining weddings in the first place! Add to that the tension that comes from relatives from different sides of the family that have never met and you can imagine how uncomfortable these moments can get.

A wedding magician is the perfect ice breaker in these scenarios.
Mr.Eman will meet your guests, introduce them to each other, and entertain them with his clean, non offensive magic. Eliminating the awkward moments and creating a buzz and a talking point. 
After he leaves to entertain the next group, your guests have avoided some awkwardness, know each other's names and now have something to talk about and get the conversation going.

Mingling Magic:

Although weddings are the main focus, this formula has also worked for corporate and private parties. 
When an event  has guests seated at tables, or walking around mingling in a cocktail party scenario, mingling magic is the prime solution.
This option has the benefit of a more personal, intimate and involved performance. 
Mr.Eman will work table to table, meeting and entertaining the guests on a more personal level and knowing them by name. 
About 50 guests are expected to be entertained per hour using this option.
So keep that in mind when inquiring about the duration of the performance/booking.

Stage Magic:

This option is less personal but everyone will see the same thing and share the laughs and amazement in unison. 
Mr.Eman will bring some guests on stage to be a part of the act, but never in an embarassing way.
A minimum requirement for this to work, is a working sound system and microphones as well as an elevated stage.

The best choice is a combination of the two. Both options compliment each other.
By doing the mingling magic first, Mr.Eman will be able to call out his volunteers by name whilst on stage. Creating a more personal environment with your guests. The guests will also recognize Mr.Eman as the entertainment personality for the evening and generally be more supportive and enthusiastic. 

The next day, you can expect the magical performance to be the talk of the water cooler. As each guest will have their own perspective on what happened, and share their personal story. When they share their stories with their friends and colleagues, they'll be reminded where the event took place. As a result, you, the event planner, will be able to take all the credit for throwing the most memorable party!


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