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Helix Courier Limited Mission Statement

 Helix Courier Limited is dedicated to providing the best possible service, at reasonable prices, in the south-western Ontario region. We promise to adhere to the following standards:

 1. We promise to make you feel welcome when you call us for service. A friendly, competent call-taker will take the necessary information to provide the required service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

 2. We promise to provide a presentable, trained driver to deliver your envelope or parcels. He or she will be neat, well-groomed, and will wear a clearly visible Helix Courier Limited photo-identification tag.

 3. We promise to take responsibility for service follow-up. If it becomes necessary to trace a missing or delayed shipment, someone at Helix Courier Limited will take personal responsibility, and will strive for a suitable resolution. We will not make excuses, attempt to re-direct blame elsewhere or do anything else to delay resolution of the core issue which is to find out what happened to the delivery, and to rectify the problem. We promise to tell the truth, even if it hurts.

 4. We promise to send clear, detailed invoices for our services, listing individual charges correlating to waybill or manifest numbers by date. The HST portion of the invoice will be clearly shown for your records.

 5. We promise to listen. If you have a problem with any part of Helix Courier Limited -- call-taker, driver, service, pricing, tracing, or even management, we will listen courteously to your problem and fix it.

 6. We promise to treat you and your company the way we want to be treated. We long for friendly, efficient, respectful service form our suppliers at a price we can afford. We long for courteous resolution of problems we have. We long to have our calls returned when we enquire or complain about service. We promise to extend all of these courtesies to you, our customer.


We promise to do all these things because they embody standards of business conduct and accountability that should be expected from every business, and because we believe that we should set a good example.

 If you have comments or questions about our mission statement, please call:

 S. J. (Sieg) Pedde, President

Helix Courier Limited

(519) 453-0501


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